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8 Dresses | Erin Sweeney

8 Dresses | Erin Sweeney

8 Dresses | Erin Sweeney
8.5 x 11 two-page layout materials cardstock (Bazzill) + patterned paper (The Girls’ Paperie, Little Yellow Bicycle) + ribbon (American Crafts) + letter stickers (American Crafts) + border punch (Stampin’ Up)

A Note from Erin
So…I’ve been in quite a few weddings. Which means I’ve had quite the dress collection. I now only have one left, from the last wedding I was in. (And I’m actually going to wear it again (!) to a wedding next month. That never happens. You/they always say you can wear them again but you never do. Except this time I am. Probably because it’s not an actual bridesmaid dress, I got it at the mall. A major benefit of being able to pick out your own dress.) It’s been fun to look back at the dresses (or just remember the ones I can’t find pictures of) and see the changes in fashion, and my hair.

When I learned this month’s theme I knew I had to do a page about all the different dresses I’ve worn. I’ve left some spots blank as I couldn’t find some the pictures. But I’ll add them in as I come across them. The journaling is simple. I created text boxes in Word to record the name/date of the wedding and a sentence or two about the dress and/or wedding.

July Fun Fact
Last month I ran (or hiked really due to the crazy hills and all the slippery mud) my first race – the Warrior Dash. It was 3.1 miles of hills,obstacles and mud. It was awesome.