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I Hope | Amy Sorensen

I Hope | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials ribbon (American Crafts) + edge punch (Fiskars) + pearls (Prima) + fonts (Calluna, Windsong) + brads

A Note from Amy
I was married almost twenty years ago, but my wedding photos are still in the album my photographer put them in. This wouldn’t be a problem if the album wasn’t somewhere at my mom’s house—she’s been looking for it for the past five years. She’s moving soon, and I am really, really hoping my wedding pictures turn up sometime in the packing process! Instead I made a layout that is only wedding-ish; the journaling details the thoughts I had during my niece’s wedding about my daughter’s future nuptials. I wrote about the hopes I have for her wedding, both the festivities themselves and the sort of person I hope she marries.

I hope: you choose to marry in a temple you love
you’ve had adventures, education & life-changing experiences before you tie the knot
you wear a dress that’s perfect for you
you pick a ring you’ll love for your entire life
your wedding is crowded with friends & family
you’re blessed with perfect weather
you go somewhere romantic, memorable, & beautiful for your honeymoon
you marry a man you absolutely love, adore, dote on, are smitten with & cannot live with-out; who will both challenge & cherish you, take care of you & let you take care of yourself, apologize & forgive quickly; who wants to be happy, knows what is most important in life, treats you with kindness & respect, & sees & loves you for who you really are.

July Fun Fact
If you looked inside my fridge this month, on nearly any day, you’d find a big bowl of watermelon chunks, at least one cantaloupe, grapes, fresh cucumbers from my neighbors’ gardens, and one pasta salad or another.