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Run Like a Girl | Amy Sorensen

Run Like a Girl | Amy Sorensen

9 x 9 | materials album (Bo Bunny) + patterned paper (stuff I dug out of my scraps file) + digital notebook paper (Notebook Basics Grunge by Jen Martakis, 2Peas) + fabric and ribbon for the album cover (Moda) + fonts (Europe Underground, Sovbda)

A Note from Amy
I’ve been meaning to make this album for, literally, years, since I ran my first race back in 2002. Nearly a decade of procrastination! I think that’s a record. I wanted an album to store all my race details and paraphernalia in, and this is it. I wanted a method that would help me avoid procrastinating my race details in the future, so I set this up with a repeating design and a set of word processing files I can easily plug information into. I went with one of my favorite color schemes—black, pink, and white—mainly because it’s sort of anti-sport, but also because it underscores one of my running philosophies: anyone can run (barring medical complications, of course), given enough time and dedication!

I organized the races by distances, so there’s a 5k section, followed by 10k, half marathon (my favorite distance), marathon (for the day I actually accomplish this goal!), and miscellaneous distances (a few 5-milers, one that was 4.5, and space for this spring’s Ragnar). The section dividers came with the album, which is nice because they spare a sheet protector or two. I used some of my favorite running quotes to spice up the section dividers.

Each race has either two or three pages. The first page I think of as the title page—it has the name of the race, the date I ran it, and a photo or two. (Usually one or two is all I have, and they’re generally not very good, but as I cannot run AND take pictures, I’m just happy to have any!) The second page has racing stats—location, pace, time, and a few miscellaneous notes. There’s also a big spot for the running bib. On the third page is my journaling. Quite often, I blog about the races I run, so some of the journaling is blog excerpts, which is duly noted. For other races which I both journaled and blogged about, I include a little “see also: blog” on the journaling page. The races I’ve lost the bib for have only two pages—I put the journaling on the stats page instead.

I’m not going to lie—rounding up all the race photos and pairing them with the bibs was sort of painful. Now that it’s finished, though, it’s great. Since the files are already made, I just have to journal and print the next time I run a race. And if I’m just too exhausted to do it yet, the album
gives me a spot to store my race bib in—which means I won’t lose any more!

February Fun Fact
Much as I adore and obsess over running, I don’t run during the cold months. It’s not only cold here in Utah, it’s smoggy and the thought of all those pollutants getting into my lungs freaks me out. So I go to Spin classes in January and February instead of running.