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Smile | Paula Gilarde

Smile | Paula Gilarde

12 x 12 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS4) + Just Linens Paper Pack No. 01 (Michelle Martin www.designerdigitals.com) + Painted Accents No. 01 (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + Clock Parts No. 02: Clock Face Collection (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + Happiness Hand Drawn Brushes (Ali Edwards www.designerdigitals.com) + Stitched by Anna Baby Blue No. 01 (Anna Aspnes www.designerdigitals.com) + Little Round Tabs (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + Photo Clusters No. 33 (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + font (Times Roman)

A Note from Paula
I rarely use black and white photos as I prefer color but I had no choice with these. These photos are of my mom when she was only 3—I just love her expression!