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Everyday | Paula Gilarde

Everyday | Paula Gilarde

12 x 12 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS4) + Layer Works No. 180 (Studio DD www.designerdigitals.com) + Naturally Krafty No. 11 (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + Signature Chevrons (Andrea Victoria www.designerdigitals.com) + Readymade Journalers: Everyday No. 1 (Studio DD www.designerdigitals.com) + Alphabet Ribbons (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + Dictionary Blendables Everyday No. 1 (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + Flagged Dates No. 1 (Katie Pertiet www.designerdigitals.com) + font (Century Gothic)

A Note from Paula
My daughter has to get on the bus at 8 a.m. this year which took a bit of an adjustment at the start of the year. She felt she was missing out on some play time in the morning. Her solution was to allocate the time between 6 and 7 to doing whatever she wanted (reading). I wish I was as motivated!