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Everyday Allday Helper | Marnie Flores

Everyday Allday Helper | Marnie Flores

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Paislee Press) + journaling strips (Crystal Wilkerson) + font (Eller, Intro Condensed)

A Note from Marnie
Everyday photos used to be my specialty. But now the kids are gone so much of the day that it seems like I don't get as many as I used to. I do miss the time together. Life just seems to pass faster and faster. With or without my lens capturing so many moments.

May Fun Fact
My kids finish school in less than a month. The pool opens in less than a month. And yet, I wore my touque, mittens, and winter coat this week. It makes it hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that I have teacher appreciation, Mother's Day, and school closing to take care soon. Not to mention finding a swimsuit for the summer...