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Sleepy |Celeste Smith

Sleepy |Celeste Smith

12 x 12 | materials digital kit (Lauren Reid: Hush Little Baby) + fonts (Bohemian Typewriter)

A Note from Celeste
This layout about sleepy cats sums up a good part of our day around here. We are all a bit obsessed with our cats!

I seriously didn't think we’d ever see the day that the two cats would be lying even within two feet of each other. both of them lying in the same spot sleeping is very rare, even now a year later, Lucy doesn't quite trust Milo. I don’t blame her - he wants to play and tackle her and she just wants to be left alone! February 2013

May Fun Fact
I am hoping to create a page a day in May. Not sure why I take on these challenges sometimes, but at the end of the month I’ll (hopefully) have 31 pages to show for it!