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Everyday Moments | Jennifer Hignite

Everyday Moments | Jennifer Hignite

12 x 12 | materials A Life Recorded (Karla Dudley & Audrey Neal)

A Note from Jennifer
This layout is a look at one year of daily life photos of my youngest son. a quick glance of the daily things I want to remember about this wonderful year of being 2!

Life as we know it, right now. You, always busy, learning and discovering the wonderful world around you. It truly is the little things that I treasure about each one of these daily moments these photos capture. You learning. Playing peek a boo with you beloved toy at the moment. Eating sweet treats. Your obsession with my iPhone. A quiet moment alone on a busy soccer filled day. Your spunky personality peeking through during play time. Your timidness to new things, and how fearless you are. You love of nature and collecting things. Growing more each day, each week, and each month. It is amazing to look back at a year of photos and see just how much you have changed. One year of you at a glance. 2011

May Fun Fact
The month of May is always a blur in our house, 3 boys in 2 sports and the end of school year festivities! Great memories and good times ahead!!