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He | Amy Kingsford

He | Amy Kingsford

8.5 x 11 | materials cardstock (Karen Funk (Dare to Dream)) + patterned paper (Paislee Press (Hey There Handsome)) + elements (Paislee Press (Hey There Handsome), Anna Aspnes (Summer Breeze)) + digital overlay (Anna Aspnes (Summer Breeze)) + template (Amy Martin Designs) + fonts (Courier New)

A Note from Amy
This layout combines two of my favorite design approaches--a shelf composition, layered over top of a blended background. In many of my pages I turn to one of these "go-to" designs, but every so often I like to combine both of them for a truly unique look. I used a modified template and then created a gradient mask which I clipped my oversized photo of my son to and blend into my background.

Some mothers form a bond with their unborn children very early on in their pregnancies. They say fathers bond with their children when they hold them for the first time. Only with your father and I though it was the moment we first saw you. That’s when we knew it was real. That we had a special little boy, that was now the light of our life. Your daddy, couldn't get enough of holding you, and as he did he studied every little detail of your face and traced all of the lines on your tiny little hands and feet. I could barely pry you away from him. But you preferred the sound of mommy’s voice and quickly found your favorite resting position with your head on my shoulder and your face buried in my neck. Meeting you was a defining moment in both of our lives--one we'll likely never forget. And every day since then just seems to get better and better. Thanks for giving your father and I the chance to see life through your eyes.

August Fun Fact
Our oldest is off to kindergarten this month!