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Maries River Swimming | Carey Bridges

Maries River Swimming | Carey Bridges

12 x 12 | materials cardstock (Mommyish Sweet Side of Life) + patterned paper (Mommyish Get Schooled Extra Papers, Sweet Side of Life, Robyn Meierotto Dude Mini kit) + elements (Mommyish Summertime Flair, Seaside Retreat, Robyn Meierotto Dude Mini kit, Spring Sweetness Enamel Dots, Shannon McNab Skinny Stitches Shapes) + template (Crystal Livesay) + font (Century Gothic)

A Note from Carey
Looking back over my last several layouts, I realize more often than not I've been repeating a similar design scheme of placing my photo toward the center of the page, layering various patterned papers behind the photo, and using chevrons or arrows to guide the eye. I guess it's time to switch things up and do a multi-photo layout!

You love the water - swimming, kayaking, fishing, even playing in the rain. You have absolutely no fear and have loved swimming since you were a baby in the bathtub! I love that you are so comfortable in the water and can enjoy just floating and swimming along. A great way to spend a hot summer day!

August Fun Fact
I can't stop listening to the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack with all of its catchy tunes. It's my current guilty pleasure!