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Kitchen Sink | Celeste Smith

Kitchen Sink | Celeste Smith

12 x 12 | materials digital kits (Jennifer Barrette (Sailaway, Puddlejumper), Allison Pennington (Pops Brads), Robyn Meierotto (Cut It Out Clipping Masks)) + prompt (Get It Scrapped)

A Note from Celeste
This layout is a typical design for me lately. It includes imperfect edge strips, layered bold patterns, some vintage items, buttons and paint splatter on the diagonal.

our annual trip to cape cod is a packer’s nightmare! we rent a small house and need to bring linens really. somehow the lists have become really long. we pack clothes and because the cape weather is so volatile that includes foul weather gear and even fleeces. we bring some food - staples mostly. beach chairs, fishing gear, kites and other recreational things. laptops, ipads, books, heating pads, medicine - it’s really endless. the only thing missing is the...

August Fun Fact
It's my birthday this month! I'm old!