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Otterly Adorable | Celeste Smith

Otterly Adorable | Celeste Smith

12 x 12 | materials digital kit (Otterly Adorable by Creashens at Pixels & Co) + template (Fun with Shapes by Crystal Livesay at Pixels & Co)

A Note from Celeste
Funnily enough this gallery topic stumped quite a few of our team. One easy way to get over figuring out how to incorporate interesting shapes is to use a template or sketch! Let someone else set up the shapes and then you can personalize it to your heart's desire!

You'd think at nine years old your mother would stop telling you how cute you are but I haven't because you are just too too too adorable. You haven't told me to stop either so I will keep on until unbearable for you! Of course, I'll still be thinking it! xo, mom