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Hot Cocoa Topper Tag | Aly Dosdall

Hot Cocoa Topper Tag | Aly Dosdall

materials digital word art (Natalie Malan) + digital tag (Natalie Malan) + 5 inch wide clear cello bags (Walmart) + smooth white cardstock (Office Depot)

A Note from Aly
Every year we make a treat for neighbors and friends. In past years we went with the traditional tray of homemade cookies and other baked goods, but in recent years we’ve tried some different more simple ideas. This is one of our favorites! We make the cocoa mix assembly-line-style, and then just print out and staple the topper tags to the bags. The kids love making the mix, and I love how easy it is!

December Fun Fact
My twin boys (our first) were born in mid-December, so we got a double tax break that year. Woo hoo!