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Our First Cookies | Karen Grunberg

Our First Cookies | Karen Grunberg

12 x 12 | materials white cardstock (bazzill) + alphabets (the girls' paperie, october afternoon) + punches (martha stewart, ek success) + paper (the girls' paperie) + embellishment (the girls' paperie)

I generally have a long list of things to try each December. Since you enjoyed the baking so much in 2008, I thought it would be fun for us to create our own cookies and decorate them with all sorts of fun icing. We brought some cutters from Target and made the cookie dough and waited overnight. As I had predicted, you loved every step of the way and spent hours decorating every cookie differently. Look at how pretty they look! And they tasted absolutely delicious, too. I predict more cooking in our future. December 2009.