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Pomegranates | Elizabeth Dillow

Pomegranates | Elizabeth Dillow

12 x 12 digital | materials digital cardstock (Paislee Press) + digital patterned paper (Cosmo Cricket) + shipping tag (Pugly Pixel) + fonts (Splendid 66, Amelie, Bebas) + Pages for Mac

A Note from Elizabeth
At some point in the last few years my girls and I have really started looking forward to the appearance of pomegranates at the grocery store. We sit around the table together, each with our own bowl of water and a few segments of fruit ready to de-seed; it definitely announces that the holiday season is on its way. Since I usually think of holiday food in terms of what we make to share or enjoy at shared meals with family and friends, I decided to capture this little part of our holiday ritual so it doesn't get lost!

It isn't the weather, the time change, the countdown, or the hint of Christmas that creeps into Target each year that kicks off the holiday season: it's the pomegranates.

December Fun Fact
Matt was browsing on Ebay recently and came across a menu from a Christmas Day Dinner held in 1924 at the base where we're living now (then, Fort D.A. Russell; now, F.E. Warren AFB). It was so much fun to see things both familiar for an historic Christmas dinner (roast turkey, cranberry sauce, roast pork loin) and more from the time period (celery, sweet pickles, oyster stew, oranges, apples, and bananas). Fresh fruit—especially something like bananas—must have been a huge treat!