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She's a Decade | Marnie Flores

She's a Decade | Marnie Flores

12 x 12 | materials paper (Dialogue, Gennifer Bursett) + doily (Chasing Rainbows, Designs by Dani) + ribbon (Dialogue, Gennifer Bursett) + flair (Creashens, Dear Classy Flairs) + splatter (Dialogue, Gennifer Bursett) + stickers (Dialogue, Gennifer Bursett) + sequins (Dialogue, Gennifer Bursett) + fonts (Jacques & Giles, Passing Notes)

A Note from Marnie
When I first saw this theme, I thought for certain I was going to do a page about being a child of the seventies and a teen in the eighties. But I found my thoughts swirling and swirling and not knowing where to go. So I turned my efforts to my scrapbooking my kids. It's okay, though, right?

January Fun Fact
Today I begin again. I was ready for a reason for a change. And the calendar seems to have provided it. Fingers crossed.