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The Sound of Silence | Marnie Flores

The Sound of Silence | Marnie Flores

11 x 8.5 | materials font (Futura)

A Note From Marnie

This was a hard page for me. I find myself recording many of the happy times for our scrapbooks. As Nigel caught the bus for school this year, I had to run in with the baby and missed his official "getting on the bus" photo. This was the best I got as we dashed back outside. Though initially disappointed, as I downloaded my photos, I realized this bus photo provided the perfect incentive to scrapbook my innermost feelings. Not the usual fare, but truly the relief I feel for school starting this year. Each year seems harder and harder for me to try to entertain my bright, busy tween. It was very cathartic to write that I might be more than just a tiny bit happy that school has begun.