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24 Things I Learned from my Mom | Amy Sorensen

24 Things I Learned from my Mom | Amy Sorensen

5 x 7 | materials album (Pioneer) patterned paper (Pebbles) + alphabet stickers (American Crafts) + label stamp (My Mind's Eye) + grey pen (Zebra Sarasa Clip) + Sinffonia Swash font

A Note from Amy
Last year on Mother's Day, I wrote a Facebook post with ten things I learned from my mom. I tagged her, of course, and she does use Facebook...but not very well or very often. It made me a little bit sad that she never saw that post (nor the nice comments left by friends who know her). So I decided to make a little album to give her this Mother's Day.

Since I wanted to include more than just ten photos, I expanded my list to 24 things I learned from my mom. The items are fairly random, and so are the photos. I did a search in my photos directory for pictures with my mom's name in the tag, and then I picked my favorites. I tried to get a wide variety of pictures. Some have me, my kids, my nieces and nephews, my sisters, and just my parents, but they all have my mom in them. The oldest is from 2003 and the newest from December of 2013.

Not all of the pictures were taken as landscape pictures, and I wanted them all to run the same way, so I cropped the vertical ones smaller, so they'd fit in the 5x7 pockets in the album. Then I just used the remaining white space as the place for the text.

To unify all those colors in 24 different pictures, I kept the text very simple and I left a lot of white space. I used two pieces of patterned paper from Pebbles' Garden Party line and cut them into scalloped borders with my Silhouette. I used both sides of each pattern, so I had four repeating patterns that I edged each text space with.

I confess: this is the FOURTH mini I've made in these 5x7 Pioneer album. 5x7 is the perfect size for a mini I think! I'm really excited to give it to my mom on Mother's Day. Plus...I'm feeling proud of myself for being finished with a project so early. Usually I am finishing it up the day I give it!

1. Never buy something full price. It will always go on sale.
2. You should cook dinner for your family whenever you can.
3. They won't be babies forever.
4. How to sew a (fairly) straight line.
5. How to make caramel and fudge, and how to dip chocolates.
6. Take pictures. And be in some of them, too.
7. How to eat artichokes.
8. Kids should go to the library often.
9. I am braver than I thought I was.
10. It's important to look nice.
11. It's just as important to BE nice.
12. You don't have to know how to do everything, you just have to be confident enough to try.
13. It's not Christmas without a new book.
14. Be nice to your sisters, you're lucky to have them.
15. Try new things.
16. Being a woman should never limit the things you do.
17. Plant flowers.
18. Make a wide variety of cute things.
19. Go for walks. Go on trips. Go to bed!
20. Going through the drive through in your PJs is OK. (Even if you run out of gas and have to be driven home by a policeman.)
21. You can never have too many shoes.
22. How to bake chocolate chip cookies. And coconut cake. And brownies.
23. Always serve vegetables.
24. Family matters most.

March Fun Fact
My favorite color of running clothes is pink.