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Ratio | Elizabeth Dillow

Ratio | Elizabeth Dillow

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper, letter stickers (October Afternoon) + chipboard arrow (Making Memories) + font (Helvetica Neue Light, 1942 Report)

A Note From Elizabeth

In addition to the well-established categories of layouts like "moments" and "events," I also like to do "things that occur to me" layouts. These are generally my photo-less pages, and they happily reside in my albums next to their photo-laden counterparts with their heads held high. : )

There is additional journaling on the back directed at my girls—I wanted to make a page that touches on the idea that only a handful of things in life truly fit on the "regrets" list; not every decision/action is a great one, but even those can end up turning out when all is said and done.

March Fun Fact

I regularly find lists I've made that I can no longer identify what in the world the list was about. For example, this one I found in a notebook by my desk: Glee, Laramie County Library, The Help, Denver, Washington D.C., Project Runway, Princess and the Frog, parades. What?!? I must have had some point, but I sure can't figure it out. My house is full of this type of thing!