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Notes To Self | Moon Ko

Notes To Self | Moon Ko

8.5x11 | materials pattern papers (American Crafts) + chipboard (American Crafts) + letter stickers (American Crafts) + brads (American Crafts) + rub on (American Crafts) + font (Garamond)

Journaling reads:

don't just tell the kids you love them
show them.
the boy won't be like this forever
just try to enjoy him now.
tell richard you love him everyday.
everything will seem better after a good night's sleep.
the boy is different than the girls and that's OK. really. it'll be OK.
the house will NEVER be the way you want it.
there's really no use complaining about the laundry because you've tried and nothing changed.
there will come a day when you will no longer have any plastic utensils, plastic dinnerware, and plastic cups. one day...
no matter how badly you want the baby to stay asleep, do not let him nap past 4:00 because it WILL bite you in the butt later. and by later, I mean like 1:45 am-later.
do not purchase another item that promises to make you look 10 years younger, or give you thicker hair, or get rid of your cellulite. they lie.
your cup runneth over.
remember that instead of focusing on cleaning up the mess that cup createth.