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Amy Sorensen

Amy Sorensen

Generally I feel as if I am 30-something years old. I'm rapidly approaching 40 but prefer to just not think about it!

My favorite move is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I cannot choose a favorite book, as that would be akin to choosing a favorite child, but my favorite author is Margaret Atwood.

During my life I have lived in Utah. Yep, just Utah. This is sort of embarrassing to me. Still, I love where I live, despite our crazy weather. The mountains are worth it!

One of the most defining moments of my life was when I was given the assignment to write a poem in sophomore English. I've been addicted to writing ever since.

My camera is a Canon 20D, and my favorite lens is whichever one (the 50mm or the 24-105mm) is currently on my camera. I hate changing lenses!

When I scrapbook, I must have solitude. I have a hard time feeling creative if I'm distracted by people, especially small ones who need help or ever teenager-ish ones who simply want someone to listen to them.

Though I began scrapbooking in 1995, I don't think I found my groove until I read Becky Higgins' book Scrapbooking Secrets. It unlocked design concepts for me and there is a very clear line in my albums: pre-Secrets and post. Plus, it somehow gave me permission to scrap the way I wanted to scrap.

My favorite scrapbooking colors are orange and green, although usually not on the same layouts. I use a lot of blue, and pink where ever I can, and purple when I can find it—have you ever noticed how few purple scrapbooking products there are? I also like yellow quite a bit. Maybe I should just say this: my least favorite scrapbooking color is red.

You might notice that many of my pages include lots of words. In my deep-down essential self, I’m not really a photographer or a scrapbooker. I’m a writer, and I use a lot of words. Not just for journaling, either. I think words are the best embellishments!

Amy is astounded every day at how quickly her four children (Haley, Jake, Nathan and Kaleb) are growing up. In addition to savoring every possible moment of motherhood, she works as a librarian and teaches online scrapbooking classes at Big Picture Classes. A former freelance writer for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, Amy also used to teach high school English. Now she focuses on scrapbooking and on writing narrative essays and the occasional poem as well as collecting rejection slips from literary magazines. With her leftover minutes she likes to avoid housework by running, hiking, gardening, quilting and/or reading, although generally not all at the same time.

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