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Cristina C. Scrap

Cristina C. Scrap

Generally I feel as if I am still in my twenties. Since I have been in school for most of my life, I feel younger than I really am.

I love reading, but since I started scrapbooking I've been reading much less than I used to. Favorite book/movie/music: Emma (Jane Austen)/Love Actually/50s songs.

During my life, I have lived on two continents. My parents still live in the house I was born in, but I have lived in four cities so far.

One of the most defining moments of my life was coming to the U.S. for grad school. It was a scary move, but it's one of the best decisions I ever made!

My camera is a Canon Rebel XSi. I've had it since Christmas 2008 and I use it almost daily. I would love to upgrade to a full frame someday.

When I scrapbook all the little worries and problems in my life dissolve, and I am free to just be myself and create. Scrapbooking is my sanity!

Though I began scrapbooking (digitally) in 2007 to make my wedding album, I only started scrapbooking regularly about a year later. In 2009, I started making hybrid cards, and my love affair with paper began. I started doing Project Life in 2012 and discovered stamping. I made my first paper scrapbooking page in the fall of 2012. Now, I do a mix of all my favorite things: paper pages, digital pages, paper cards, hybrid cards, and Project Life.

My favorite scrapbooking colors are any and all bright ones, with the exception perhaps of purple, which I have trouble working with. I love to have color on my pages, almost as much as I love wearing colorful clothes.

You might notice that many of my pages include food pictures. I love taking photos of what we eat. It certainly helps that my husband is a very good cook.

Cristina works full-time, isn't happy unless she is working on a half dozen different things at the same time, and spends all of her free time thinking about her next scrapbooking project. She is married to a supportive husband who however dislikes being in photos.

Keep up to date on all things Cristina on her blog.