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Jina Jean

Jina Jean

Generally I feel as if I am a year(or two!) older than my current age because I tend to make lots of plans for next few years and like to imagine myself in future.

I usually like to stay in calm without music.

During my life, I have lived in Seoul.

One of the most defining moments of my life was when I went to a church for the fisrt time. I remember that it was just my 7th birthday in 1983. It was pretty symbolic, wasn't it?

My camera is a Canon 5d Mark II and Samsung MV900F.

When I scrapbook, I must have a camera to shoot and check the process of my works.

Though I began scrapbooking in 2009, I don't think I found my groove until 2011 when I met my scrapbooking muses.

My favorite scrapbooking colors are pink and yellow (or gold).

You might notice that many of my pages include thick layers with patterned papers and some stuffs.

Jina (Sunghye) Jean lives in Seoul, South Korea. You might better recognize her by her nickname, JINA-B, names after her blog, Atelier B. She is single and is pursuing a PhD in Literature. She also teaches an occasional scrapbooking class.

Please stop by Jina's blog to see her beautiful pages.