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Marnie Flores

Marnie Flores

Generally I feel as if I am 26 years old. I often have to rely on my children to fill in the blank if anyone asks me my age.

My favorite author is Alice Hoffman. My favorite singer is Sarah McLachlan. My favorite actress is Jodie Foster.

During my life, I have lived through moments I thought might crush me, and moments that completely blew me away. Both have defined me in equal part.

One of the defining moments of my life was when I realized that we cannot make choices for those we love.

My camera is a Canon 7D and my favorite lens is the one with the image stabilizer.

When I scrapbook, I must have some mojo flowing. I haven't yet figured out how to make it happen when it just isn't.

Though I began scrapbooking in 1998, I didn't find my groove until I found Jackie Bonette.

My favorite scrapbooking colors are pink, orange, aqua blue, and white.

You might notice that many of my pages include my happy things: colors, sappy stories, sweet photos.

Marnie has one husband, three children, two degrees, one pair of jeans that fit, three pair of fit flops, five hoodies, one colorist, one stylist, three library cards, nineteen former residences, two passports, one bar license, twelve crowns, eight root canals, two implants, two left feet, one pair of glasses, four defunct trimmers, and five favorite scrapbook companies. She has been published by Scrapbooks, Etc., Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks & Cards Today, and Simple Scrapbooks, where she was a contributing editor. These days she spends her time driving her children to their activities, reading when she can, and learning to cook without wheat.

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