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Flag Football | Rachel Gainer

Flag Football | Rachel Gainer

11 x 8.5 | materials rub-ons (American Crafts) + chipboard accent (Heidi Swapp) + stamping ink + CBX-SenorAlarcon Medium and CBX-Piguet Medium fonts

A Note from Rachel

My husband, Will, has many hobbies and talents. This month’s theme inspired me to scrapbook one of his favorite annual activities: the flag football game he hosts for his many male co-workers (the women are invited to join the fun, but they never come). Instead of trying to describe things from my husband’s perspective (and failing miserably), I decided to focus on my own observations of the game and its aftermath. I kept things simple and monochromatic, allowing the photos to take center stage. To make the tab on the right, I trimmed and inked an embossed logo from one of my husband’s business cards.