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instalunch | Laura O'Donnell

instalunch | Laura O'Donnell

12 x 12 | materials digital template (Valorie Wibbens Stitched Pockets #6) + digital cards (Gina Miller Insta-Cards 1) + font (Print Clearly)

A Note from Laura
I got an iPhone5 last year for Christmas and then joined in on the fun of Instagramming my lunch! I don't do every lunch, just lunch at restaurants. To make this layout I went through my Instagram feed and found a bunch of good food photos to add to this 16 pocket template. I really like seeing all of these memorable meals together in one place!

January Fun Fact
As soon as Christmas is over I really want to put the decorations away and get the house back to normal. I try to hold off until January 2nd and then the cleaning frenzy begins!