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10 Favorite Pictures | Ann Costen

10 Favorite Pictures | Ann Costen

12 x 12 | materials software (Adobe) + digital kit (Gennifer Bursett Collab) + fonts (Travelling Typewriter, Contribute, Gill Sans Ultrabold)

A Note from Ann
For this month's theme, I chose to do a pictorial list by creating the first 12x12 layout from our epic adventure to South East Asia in March 2013. I was so exhausted from the trip that it took me several weeks just to edit some pictures and get them printed. I took close to 4000 pictures over 24 days so it was quite difficult to pick the 10 that are part of this layout. Looking at these, I'm still amazed at all that we did and saw on this trip! I am creating a 5-up album to document this trip (to be shared in September) and I'm using the same digital kit for both the 5-up album and the 12x12 pages.

July Fun Fact
We ate deep fried bamboo worms and stir-fried frogs in Thailand. We drew the line at the BBQ field rats and did NOT eat those!