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DVR Love | Marnie Flores

DVR Love | Marnie Flores

12 x 12 | materials papers, elements (Color Me Happy by Glitz) + fonts (KG Primary Penmanship, Pharmacy)

A Note from Marnie
This was so hard for me as I love all my tech. So my idea to do my favorite actually stumped me much longer than if I had just picked one and done a layout. Silly, no?

this gadget is my favorite tech love. which says something as I am totally in love with my computer. and my camera. and my photoshop. and my phone. and my remote controls. and my printer.
but this is the one toy that truly makes me giggle with glee.
i love tv. totally and completely. and my dvr makes tv watching better than I could have ever imagined. with this little machine, I can skip the commercials. which i do not love. and lets me record my shows so that i can watch them in order. which i do love. i remember in the “olden days” how our lives would have to come to a standstill on tv nights so that you didn’t miss an episode. now? just set a series to record. oh, and if another show runs long? totally fine. you can set for that too. and if you miss one? well, just check in the menu to see if it will be replaying.
oh, and when there is a movie weekend, you can fill your 96 hours of recording time with all sorts of movies and then slowly watch them as you can.
truly, there is nothing not to love about my beautiful, lovely, delightful, beloved DVR.

February Fun Fact
Last year we did love notes between our family members until Valentine's Day. Last week my girls declared that we need to get the mailboxes out! Guess it's time to print out some new notes!