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Smitten | Marnie Flores

Smitten | Marnie Flores

12 x 12 | materials papers (Crystal Wilkerson, Echo Park) + fonts (Doodle Basic, Lavanderia)

A Note from Marnie
Celeste is my hero. She is one of the most consistent scrapbookers alive. As I hunted through her year 4 layouts, I found this one with its place for flair and tiny patterns. I love how quickly it all came together. Maybe I should just copy all of Celeste's layouts!!!

Lavender is smitten. She held Charlie all the way home from Columbiana. Now Lulu carries baby Charlie everywhere. And Lulu gets more than a little grumpy when others have more time holding Charlie than she has! She even has a hard time letting the puppy sleep--she just wants to touch her. I’m so glad that she has fallen so deeply in love!

June Fun Fact
We just got a puppy!!!!!!