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Miss Sandy | Marnie Flores

Miss Sandy | Marnie Flores

12 x 12 | materials papers (Crystal Wilkerson) + fonts (Bebas, Century Gothic)

A Note from Marnie
I'm a big sucker for Francine's layouts. This one with it's grid was too perfect to pass up. I loved the two fonts on the edge, but couldn't get mine to work. But I wish I could have.

Miss Sandy is our favorite bus driver. Here we are on our second to last day of school. We were worried that Miss Sandy wouldn’t come back this year, as she is considering retiring. But we really wanted her to come back especially with Lavender starting riding the bus. And she was! She told us that she prayed about not coming back and felt like she should, in spite of the fact that she herself thought she would be done. I totally apologized, letting her know that the weight of the prayers of all of the families on her route apparently outweighed her requests... She really is awesome!

June Fun Fact
We finished school in May this year, so June is all about the fun fun fun!