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2012 | Amy Sorensen

2012 | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (My Minds Eye) + date stamp (Close to my Heart) + curvy rectangle stamp (paper source) green pen (American Crafts) + font (Franklin Gothic)

A Note from Amy
When I ordered my Christmas cards from Costco this year, they included some of the calendars I used as a photo on this layout. I got them last year, too, but gave them all away. This year I’m planning to use them on a layout or two.

Today (December 27, 2011, when I went on a long-overdue and highly-painful 3.5-mile run, contemplated taking down some of the Christmas decorations, ate more Christmas goodies than could be good for me, finally wrapped up the laundry, and took the kids to Mi Ranchito for dinner) I was thinking about tomorrow. Well, the tomorrow's coming up in 2012. All those days! Even an extra one since it’s a leap year. Each of them will be filled with some-thing—but what? (What, that is, besides my 40th birthday.) What will our life be like 366 days from now? What goals will I accomplish? Which will I not? What adventures will we have? What bad days, what ecstatic ones? How will I grow and change?

There are some things in my life I want to change. There are other things that absolutely need to change. I want to show love more easily and be a better example of happiness and kindness for my kids. I want to try harder at being a real writer. I want to accomplish more, eat better, sleep more consistently; be a better friend, wife, mother, librarian, & human being. I want to hike mountains I’ve never been on top of and run along roads I’ve never trod; want to spend more time enjoying my children and teaching them what they really need to know.

But it’s so easy for me—to simply skate along, letting time pass. To not really accomplish much. I know that achieving those ambitions won’t simply happen. I have to make them happen. I want to. I mean, look at all those days! I can’t waste them. I need to work, savor, laugh, move, and love during every single one of them. It’s time to stop wasting time.