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Happy Birthday | Celeste Smith

Happy Birthday | Celeste Smith

12 x 12 layout | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS4) + Birthday Boy kit (Zoe Pearn, Sweet Shoppe Designs) + Krafty Essentials cardstock (Julie Billingsley, Sweet Shoppe Designs) + Collection 4 template (Janet Phillips, Sweet Shoppe Designs) + Write More Stuff journal strips (Misty Cato,Sweet Shoppe Designs) + font (DBJ Journal Bits, Darcy Baldwin for Sweet Shoppe Designs)

A Note from Celeste
I have been procrastinating about scrapping these birthday pics for at least six months. The two photos were the last two photos in my November 2009 folder. The focus is off in both photos, but these were the best of the lot. The color of his shirt is a little crazy as well. I decided to grab a two photo template and just get it done. I find having a sketch or a template to start is helpful when trying to get a page finished that you might not be wild about doing!

March Fun Fact
March is usually the first month that we get outside after a long winter. I get a little photo crazy because of the natural light, by mid-month the kids are begging me to leave the camera inside!