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Quote Album | Rebecca Cooper

Quote Album | Rebecca Cooper

4 x 6 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS4) + fashion compressed font (internet) + odestemplik font (internet) + kuntsler script font
(internet) + traveling typewriter font (internet) + Garamond font + vintage camera brushes (

A Note from Rebecca
I’ve been wanting to put together a cute album of my favorite quotes & this months theme was just what I needed to get me going on this project.

I’ll be slowly adding to my album over time & printing out these 4X6 quote cards to keep in a photo album. That way I can pull them in and out to display on my fridge or any other place around my home but keep them neatly stored in the album when they aren’t in use. I’ve decided to stick with this same yellow/grey color scheme throughout my album.

March Fun Fact
Of my brothers, sister, mom, dad and my own little family, we don’t have a single birthday in March.