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I Miss The Lights | Lisa Kisch

I Miss The Lights | Lisa Kisch

8.5 X 11 2page | materials cardstock (American Crafts) + patterned paper (Lazerwerks ) + stickers (BasicGrey) + pen (American Crafts)

It's been almost three years since I finished my last show--by far the longest stretch since I began performing. It's like a part of me has been on hiatus, there, but not there. There are so many things I miss about the theatre, I can hardly count. I miss the first day of rehearsal when you invariably see old friends, and at the same time meet new colleagues who are destined to become the old friends of the future. I miss rehearsing the score, especially choral numbers when you first hear all the voices together in harmony. It is a powerful, wondrous feeling to sing with a group of professionals. I miss the first day on stage after weeks of rehearsing in a studio--- seeing the set being prepped, the costumes starting to appear in the dressing room, meeting the crew, often hearing the band for the first time. I miss coming into the theatre an hour or so before the show starts, signing in, chatting in the green room... I miss putting on my robe and sitting in front of mirror to do my makeup, laughing with the girls. I miss hearing the stage manager come in over the tanoy and announce the half hour. I miss false eyelashes. I miss putting on my mic and getting into costume. I miss the five minute call and then hearing, "Places. Places please for the top of Act I". I miss standing in the wings, getting ready for the top of the show, hearing the audience murmur away, then come to a quiet as the lights go down. Most of all I miss the lights hitting my face as I make my first entrance. Whether it's a grand entrance, or quiet, I miss the bright light in my eyes, blurring the audience. I miss the heat and the energy and intensity they bring. It all goes on from there-- the music, the costume changes, intermission, the laughter, the quiet moments when you can hear a pin drop, the connections between my fellow actors and I, and finally the curtain call where we all relax and become ourselves again, enjoying the appreciation of the crowd-- even to the last moment I feel the lights of the theatre, illuminating that moment in time when performers and audience are one, never to be duplicated in the same way. Man, I miss the lights. I know, though, that soon I will be back there...

A Note from Lisa
I chose to pull an older layout for this month's gallery, because this layout is so special to me, and really exemplifies how cathartic journaling and scrapbooking can be! The photo is from a show I did in 2003 (me in a blond wig--yikes), and the journaling details the small details of my life in theatre-- all of things that I was missing at the time, as I took time off to have my kids. Note that music-- learning music, singing with a group-- was a huge part of that, as I am a musical theatre performer.
I have since returned to theatre work, and I appreciate it all the more for all the little things that it brings to my life. I take nothing for granted, for doing what you love is a true gift.