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Regrets & Mistakes | Amy Sorensen

Regrets & Mistakes | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Basic Grey) + background stamp (Close to my Heart) + green stamping ink + fonts (Impact, Sofia, and Lilly)

A Note from Amy
I wanted the title treatment here to look like subway art. After I’d cut it out (using the Silhouette cutter) I fell in love with how the negative shape looked against the pattern, so I used that instead of the letters. A bonus? Much faster to stick everything down this way!

It doesn’t really apply. After all, this is a song about a romantic relationship. But every time I hear these words from that song—Adele’s “Someone Like You”—they make me think of you and of your friendships, both the troubles and the joys. I know there have been heartaches and tough times. But I hope you’ll also, looking back, let the good memories be more powerful than the bad ones. Everyone makes mistakes in their relationships. The only thing you can do is grow from them, let them teach you how to do better in the next relationship you have. It is a bittersweet sort of knowledge—but a true one, nevertheless.

February Fun Fact
Between in-laws, sisters, nieces, and uncles, there are ten birthdays on my calendar in February. Plus my anniversary (it’s my twentieth this year!). I’m not sure how that all got crammed into the shortest month of the year…