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Amateur Photographer | Kelly Jeppson

Amateur Photographer | Kelly Jeppson

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper + ribbon + black pen

A Note From Kelly
This isn't a complicated layout, but it has special meaning for me because it is one of the first layouts that I ever completed. Back in the days before digital, my husband and I took a trip to Europe. We took two cameras with us, and tried to be frugal with our film, as we were on a budget. Of course, we ended up with lots of interesting photos that weren't exactly "picture perfect." I decided to embrace these less-than-perfect photos and group them together on a page of their own, celebrating our amateur photography skills. I kept the design simple to fit as many of these great photos on the page as I could.

April Fun Fact
I am still trying to boil the perfect egg without a green ring around the yolk. Any tips?