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Buh-bye | Angie Lucas

Buh-bye | Angie Lucas

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (My Mind’s Eye) + felt border (Queen & Co.) + stamp (Close to My Heart) + circle punch + brads + letter stickers (American Crafts) + embroidery floss

A Note from Angie
When I came across this blurry photo of Jeremy sitting in our basement office, taken late in the evening on an iPhone, I knew I had to scrapbook it. Why? This is the first photo taken of him in years with no braces on his pearly whites! Milestone moments like this are not always accompanied by great photo-taking circumstances, so you take what you can get. Then I hunted through my files for the most recent pic where the braces were clearly visible—because I wanted a “before and after” look—and this was the best I could do. There were many years of Jeremy photos with closed-mouth smiles. All in all, the photos may not be the best, but I like the page anyway!

April Fun Fact
Jeremy was born without one of his teeth, so one of the purposes of his years of orthodontia was to move everything around to make room for an implant. He’s got a full set of chompers now!