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Campus to Campus | Cheryl Overton

Campus to Campus | Cheryl Overton

8.5 x 11 | materials digital elements (It's All Fun and Games by Libby Pritchett, font (impact, off the internet)

A Note from Cheryl
Bad photos. I have my share. What makes it worse is I never seem to get around to formatting and deleting them. Thank goodness for photoshop and the little tweaks that you can do to make a bad picture, well, not so bad. I've included the original photo, which while it wasn't terrible, it wasn't great. By cropping and playing with the contrast and colour, I cleaned it up a bit, kept the background that I wanted (the marathon sign behind us). And I should probably give credit for the original photo to my son, Jake ;)

April Fun Fact
We just got back from Mexico and have over 1000 photos to go through. Unfortunately, (according to me, not him) about 800 of them are of my husband, who is afflicted with “self portrait syndrome” .