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Drum | Francine Clouden

Drum | Francine Clouden

12 x 12 | materials Cardstock (Bazzill Basics Paper)+ letter stickers (Cosmo Cricket) + chipboard letters (Pink Paislee)

A Note from Francine
Kieran playing the drums at his uncle's house was unexpected so I had to act fast. The lighting was a weird combination of daylight from the window and halogen lights. Since I didn't have much time to play with settings and use a custom white balance I chose to use the Auto White Balance Setting. I didn't have time to change lenses, so I was stuck with the 50mm, which while great for portraits didn't give me much of a wider view. I snapped away quickly, thinking I'd be able to adjust the colours and exposures in post processing. However even then the colour versions of the photos were not the best, plus it turns out my shutter speed was too slow so there was lots of blur. I decided to convert them to black & white which definitely helped. Even though Kieran will probably play the drums again thus giving me a chance to capture “perfect” photos, I really wanted to scrap a page about the very first time he tried them because the joy on his face was just sublime!

April Fun Fact
No matter how hard I try my desk doesn't stay clear for more than 24 hours.