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Storms | Celeste Smith

Storms | Celeste Smith

8.5 x 11 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS4) + I Love Snow Kit (Dani Mogstad, + font (Remington Noiseless, off the internet)

A Note from Celeste
We had a lot of snow this winter in three big storms. I made a point of getting the boys outside to take a few photos. I don't think they understand that they probably won't see this much snow again in Connecticut in their lifetimes. Anyway, I went outside with them and I didn't check the settings on my camera. As you can imagine the photos were not good. This photo was taken at ISO 100, f-stop 9.0, and speed 1/50. The photo came out pretty dark and with my camera shake it is a little blurry. It's one of the best of the bunch though so I decided I had to use it. In Photoshop, I lightened the photo using the Pioneer Woman's Action Set and then I used her Boost action on it - lowering the opacity of the Boost. Instead of the usual unsharp mask settings, I ran defog settings at Amount: 20, Radius: 60,Threshold: 0 which sharpened it up quite a bit. It's by no means perfect, but it tells the story I wanted to tell.

April Fun Fact
The boys are concerned that all of this snow is not going to melt before our annual Easter Egg Hunt. I know it will melt, but it is going to be really muddy. I think they will be wearing their rubber boots to hunt for the eggs.