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Zoo | Amy Sorensen

Zoo | Amy Sorensen

12 x12 | materials patterned paper (Bo Bunny) + alphabet stickers (American Crafts, Bo Bunny, Cosmo Cricket) + alphabet run-ons (KI Memories) + butterfly (American Crafts) + pens + fabric

A Note from Amy
The other day, my son Kaleb said, completely out of the blue, “Mom! Remember that day we went to the zoo and saw the elephants eating out of that tall thing. That was great. Can I look at the pictures?” Cue mom guilt, because that day? That best-ever trip to the zoo? I totally forgot my camera. I did take a few photos with my cell phone but it was a horrid little thing, and the pictures were equally as bad.
Plus I forgot to get them off of that phone the day I got a new one.
No pictures at all qualifies, I hope, as pretty bad pictures. Still, there’s no reason not to document it anyway. So I made a layout with just words and embellishments. I am glad the day is, at least, documented. I’m still sad, though, that I forgot my camera—those eating elephants would have made some awesome photos!

A Note from Amy
To make the fuzzy edges on the fabric embellishments, I ragged them. To do this, cut your piece (flannel works best for ragging, although it does work with cotton) and back it with a contrasting color of fabric (I used white). Sew these together with a roughly ½” seam. Snip the fabric on the outside of the seam, all the way around the piece. Then wash and dry for that fuzzy look.

April Fun Fact
April is my birthday month, and my best friend’s birthday is the day before mine. My daughter Haley’s birthday is also in April (the day after mine) and her childhood best friend’s birthday is the day before hers. I always loved having a spring birthday because I could ask for new sandals for my present and now, as an adult, I tend to buy myself a pair right around the 20th!