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Everywhere I Turn | Monika Wright

Everywhere I Turn | Monika Wright

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper, felt arrow (American Crafts) + journaling spots (Scenic Route) + punch (EK Success) + photo paper, printer (Epson) + markers (Sharpie) + cardstock (craft supply)

A Note from Monika
As I was walking through our home one day, I noticed all the little piles and bunches and messes that were laying about. I grabbed my camera and in just under 3 minutes, I had found 9 messes. Okay, so they weren’t all from the kidlets, but still they were things that needed to be put in away in their right places, not just laying around.

As I was creating my layout, I happened to notice that the messes all brought back memories and made me think that they weren’t really messes after all.

A girl that loves to read, two girls who like to create art projects, a little girl that loves playing {but not clean up}, a Spunk that likes to sneak off into a corner and browse through the mini albums {heart this}, drink cups and shoes left right where they lay, another girl who likes to think she can read, my boy’s shoes {sigh}...he’ll be leaving in September, and more artwork...always more artwork.

May Fun Fact
My early Mother’s Day gift from my in-laws was a truckload of mulch. They sure do know how to make this girl happy!