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Life in a Dozen Hours | Melissa Kaiserman

Life in a Dozen Hours | Melissa Kaiserman

12 x 12 spread | materials patterned paper & circle alphabet (Scrapworks) + chipboard alphabet & metal embellishments (Making Memories) + flowers (Prima) + stamps (Li’l Davis Designs, Hero Arts) + brads + clock hands

A Note from Melissa
I’ll be honest—this is an older layout. But it’s one of my very favorites and was such a fun way to document the 12 hours between the time my then-preschool-age sons awoke and when they went to bed. Written between each hour on the clock are short phrases describing our typical routine. The photos give glimpses into an ordinary day. Now I can look back and see how much times have changed (with them) and yet seem much the same (with their younger sister and brother).

I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy sleep (though I rarely get enough) and treasure my down time after the kiddos are in bed.

But what really matters—the time that truly counts—is made up of those hours in between. Those twelve-ish hours stretching from the moment my sleepy-eyed boys climb in bed with me to cuddle and watch Clifford to when I walk out of their room at night hearing little voices say, “Pajamas, pajamas!” and replying, “Nighty-nightshirt!”

That main stretch of the day is full and often crazy. My boys are old enough to do some things independently, but they’re still only preschoolers. They need me a lot of the time. And that’s okay with me. Because although those twelve or so hours are loud, sometimes harried, and not always productive when it comes to the tasks waiting for me, they’re filled with life and joy and love and a whole lot of laughter.

The other twelve can’t compare.