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One Day | Karen Grünberg

One Day | Karen Grünberg

12x12 | materials Bazzill, Maya Road, Colorbox

A Note from Karen
I've done one of these day-in-the-life layouts with a lot of detail before so this time I wanted to do something slightly different and just highlight the moments of our lives during a typical day.

7. After breakfast at 6am, we take David to the bus so he can go to school. 8. Then it's time for me to exercise. Treadmill and Nike+ for 2.8 miles. 9. After the morning exercise I take my peace time which is also breakfast. Coffee with graham crackers (but no chocolate.) If I am lucky I can also get in some quiet journaling time. 10. While I do all this Nathaniel plays quietly and reads books. Then it's time for work. Lately it's all about dev releases. 12. If it's a weekend, we take this time to do a family shot. I love these. 3. David is ready to pick up at 2:45 so when we come home we read books together. 4. Then he works on his workbooks. Most days it's reading, writing, or math. He really likes doing them. 5. Then it's time to write the gratitude journal. One sentence. 5. If it's Sunday, we have family night, if not it's playtime. 6. The kids go to bed at six so I process the daily photos. 8. And finally it's time for some art. I get a few quiet hours and then it's time for bed around 10pm. I love my simple life.