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A Half Day in My Life | Lisa Ottosson

A Half Day in My Life | Lisa Ottosson

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (Pandurohobby) + letter stickers (The Girls' Paperie) + flower accent (Creative Company) + bling, heart brad (Pandurohobby)

A Note from Lisa
When my daughter was about 1.5 I set out to record a day in our lives. I wrote down the time and what we did right then. Well, I didn't make it a whole day ☺ but I am so happy that I have saved these paper sheets during these past 11 years because they are such a precious time capsule of my life as a 21 year old mom.

May Fun Fact
I found that photobooth photo of me and my daughter from 2001 and I love it so much! See, memorykeeping IS good!