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Beach Joy | Amy Sorensen

Beach Joy | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials fabric strips (from my scrap bin) + chipboard letters (Close to my Heart) + font (TXT Personality) + rick rack + ink

A Note from Amy
I was inspired by Kelly’s recent “scrapbooking and sewing” week. (It starts here.) Quilting is my second-favorite hobby and I have tons of fabric, and while I’ve used it on layouts here and there, I’ve definitely not used it enough! For this layout, I used bits of scraps I had left over from a table runner I made. Plus I threw in a few pieces of rick rack, whose shape seemed appropriate to the beach theme. Karen's style also influenced this layout; that little extra fabric spot on the right side is something I’ve been wanting to try. And when my daughter looked at the layout a few days after I’d made it, that Karen-inspired spot was the first thing she complimented!!)

Sheer, unfettered, exuberant JOY: that’s it. The only word that can express your reaction to the beach. You ran in wide, loopy circles, chasing the seagulls and trying to catch the waves on your toes. You laughed and jumped and the joy seemed to beam out of your face: forget all of the amusement parks! This is the place to be!