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Friends | Emily Pitts

Friends | Emily Pitts

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Sassafras) + digital stickers (Sassafras) + photo frame (Stacked Vintage Photo Frames-1 by Katie Pertiet + font (Franklin Gothic Book)

A Note from Emily
I was inspired by a layout from Elizabeth about selling girl scout cookies to dead people from the week she and Marie hosted in June 2010. I loved how she used the grid of cookies. I replicated the same grid, but with flowers instead. I had nothing witty to say about the flowers so I added a photo of my friend, and fellow WCSer, Paula Gilarde. I love how quickly it came together, using Elizabeth’s design as my inspiration. You can see the original here.

June Fun Fact
When we were little, my dad would get us ice cream cones and then take a big lick in the guise of cleaning up any drips that occurred. We felt this was a great injustice.