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Swing | Marie Taylor

Swing | Marie Taylor

8.5 x 11 | materials PSE + patterned paper (Michelle Underwood, Kitchy Digitals, Crystal Wilkerson) + elements (Crystal Wilkerson, Sarah Schmutz, Audry Neal)

A Note From Marie
When I was paired up with our brand new team member Teka, I discovered a big problem. There was SO MUCH INSPIRATION THAT I GOT LOST IN HER BLOG ARCHIVES. Yes, I just computer yelled that. Goodness is this girl talented, and inspiring, and oh so organized. I believe I could do a whole Teka inspired book! What I chose, however, was the ( thing that made me gasp and that I happened to have a photo which would work perfectly.
Here's why I love this layout. 1. Colors, oh the colors 2. The arrows back and forth that show the movement of the swing. 3. Every single thing else too :)
So I boy'ed it up a bit, and pretty much just took everything exactly how she had it.
Why mess with perfection??

June Fun Fact
I am so incredibly happy it is June. Because that means I
have a whole year until the craziness of May happens again!