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Egg! | Vivian Masket

Egg! | Vivian Masket

12 x 12 | materials cardstock (Bazzill Basics) + patterned paper (Jillibean Soup) + letter stickers (Jillibean Soup) + stickers (Jillibean Soup) + twine (May Arts) + die cutting machine (Silhouette) + font (Typenoksidi)

Who knew that we’d spend a large portion of our time at the new History Colorado Center gathering eggs? The main exhibit on the first floor details daily life in the farming community of Keota, and has lots of interactive activities for kids. Sadie spent a long time at the chicken coop, which is mechanized to drop wooden eggs at various time intervals. She had to compete for eggs with lots of other kids, so we came back at the end and she was thrilled to have the coop all to herself. The excitement (or should I say eggcitement?) never got old, as evidenced by the look of thrill on her face as she collected yet another egg. May 2012

A Note from Vivian
I interpreted the five products as follows: patterned paper, stickers, twine, toothpicks, and a die-cutting machine. I figure that cardstock, adhesive, and fonts (or a pen) are staples that don’t count!

July Fun Fact
This is the second time I’ve created a layout with the title of “Egg.”