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boy bands | Emily Pitts

boy bands | Emily Pitts

12 x 12 | materials patterned papers (Simple Stories) + alphabet, images, word stickers (Simple Stories) + adhesive (Glue Arts) + pen (EK Success)

A Note from Emily
The Five Product Challenge always freaks me out a little bit. I consider my style to be fairly simple, but when I start adding up how many products I use, I tend to get pretty product heavy. So to solve that, I went with one manufacturer only. It was easy to pull things that worked together, but stay within the limit.
This is a conversation my daughter and I had recently, she’s always coming up with things that make me laugh.

July Fun Fact
I have a variety of daisies in my yard we call Shirley daisies. It’s a start from my mom, who got a start from her sister. They are very tall, last for a couple of months, and multiply like crazy. They normally bloom on July 4th. We had such a warm spring, one of the plants in the front yard decided to come over a month early. That’s okay with me. Daisies are my favorite flower.